Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy
Stony Point North Elementary School


Uniform school wear policies have the potential to create an environment in which students develop unique personal attributes, bridge socio-economic differences, enhance learning, reduce discipline problems, improve self respect and self esteem, promote good behavior, increase attendance, and improve safety.


A mandatory uniform school wear code will be effective for students, Kindergarten through fifth grade, beginning with the 2003 – 2004 school year.



Plain white, royal blue, black or navy polo shirt (shirt with a collar)
Plain khaki, black or navy slacks or shorts – no denim


Plain white, royal blue, black or navy polo shirt (shirt with a collar)
Plain khaki, black or navy slacks or shorts – no denim
Plain khaki, black or navy skorts, jumpers, or skirts – no denim


Students may wear sweaters, cardigans or sweatshirts with no hood when worn with the polo shirt. The sweater or sweatshirt must comply with the designated colors of navy, royal blue, black or white and contain no logo or emblems. White turtlenecks may be worn under the white, royal blue, black or navy polo shirt.


Uniforms should be clean and free of holes.
Pants must fit properly and snugly at the waist. Sagging and baggy pants will not be allowed. Tube tops, halter tops, tank tops, bare midriffs, and clothing worn in a revealing manner will not be permitted.
Shirts need to be tucked into waistbands at all times. Belts are optional, but if worn, they should be simple in design. Only leather or leather-like belts are acceptable. Nothing is to be hanging from belt or belt loops.
Shorts are to be fingertip length; (i.e. when the child is standing, his or her fingertips should extend to the bottom of the shorts hemline).
Skirts and jumpers should touch the top of the knee. If these are worn, please provide girls with shorts underneath. Ankle socks, knee socks, or tights are acceptable with jumpers or skirts.
Students may not wear coats, jackets, or other outerwear in class.
Jewelry should be simple and not overly large.
Makeup is not to be worn.
Articles related to gangs or gang activities such as jewelry, emblems, symbols, or other related items or evidence of membership is prohibited.
No “head-wear” is to be worn, unless approved for religious reasons.


Sanctions that apply to those students who refuse to conform to the School Wear Policy.

Students will be brought to the Principal’s office where an attempt to resolve the issue will be made.
Parents will immediately be notified of the problem and asked to bring appropriate dress to school.