**Due to the inclement weather days this winter,  we will be adding minutes to our school day beginning Monday, March 18th.  It will be a total of 15 minutes each day, 8 minutes earlier in the mornings and 7 minutes later in the afternoons.  School begins at 8:22 and ends at 3:37.  On Wednesdays, school will begin at 8:22 and and end at 1:37.


Please see below for the inclement weather options for KCKPS.


Also visit Kckps.org for full inclement weather details.  Please click below for more info.

Inclement Weather Plans Public[1]

**Please see the calendar at the bottom of the page for all dates.




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To view the district calendar, click on the link.  District Calendar 2017-18

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We are a uniform school.  Please click below for our uniform colors.